Hi, I’m Dan Kent

I am a Consultant, Business Coach, and Mentor. I take it seriously enough to know not to take it too seriously. Because this thing you're doing?.... I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be an added value to your life. Let's make sure it is today, and that it will be tomorrow as well.

You will get there. You will achieve the things others can't because you will do the things others won't.

*Want to know what we will do, and how we will do it?*

We will start by getting clear on where you've been; where you are; and where you're going. Each one of these questions will be answered using techniques that have served my clients remarkably well over the years. There's no faking it here. If you think you can phone this in, we probably shouldn't work together.

I will question your assumptions. I will hold you accountable. I will work with you to bring out your very best self.

You will show up. You will prepare. You will own your piece of this endeavor and commit yourself to results.

Together, we will cultivate curiosity, solutions, challenge, brilliance, care, passion, purpose, and honesty. Hopefully some laughter and maybe some tears as well.

If you don't know exactly what you want, let's find it. If you don't know how to get it, let's solve it. There's no substitute for doing this together.

There's no simple explanation of what we'll do, and there is no easy solution. Because even when it's simple, it's rarely easy. That's one of the greatest reasons we should work together.

You will receive a customized set of tools, resources, solutions, and perspectives that are time-tested, & proven with success, and customized just for you.

When you feel like you've had enough of the overwhelm, frustration, or failure to thrive, drop me a line, and let's set up a time for a real conversation. I'm excited to hear from you! We've got some work to do.

(No, for the initial consultation, you're not on the clock!) 😉

So let's go.